Jan 20, 2015

80-Pagecast 46: Tangentially Yours

It's a quick one this week, as we discuss Conan/Red Sonja #1, Ant-Man #1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1, Ms. Marvel, and more Dick Tracy. Also: racism.

Things that cause mental conflict: The Wizard

The Wizard is not strictly a comic, and I only own one random issue of it. It's what's called a "Story paper", and is published by famous British comics publisher DC Thomson. I've never really paid attention to the book because I haven't read it... but today I gave it a decent look and was kinda left in a state of cognitive dissonance.

The only comic is the front page of the magazine -- and it's drawn wonderfully. It's so lively, so interesting.


It's also kinda horribly racist.


--Andrew S.
("There was once a game called Football" is a sci-fi text story, just for the record.)

Jan 12, 2015

Sometimes Art and Text Don't Match

This set of panels is from Giant-Size Super-Stars #1. The basics of the plot are that the Thing and the Incredible Hulk have had their minds swapped. So Hulk-Thing is going around hitting people who normally would be on the Thing's side.

I'm not sure what the reasoning was behind the special note from Roy Thomas (Who was the editor on this book) was. Was it to make the violence against a female seem less drastic? Was it to explain what was happening because of the lacking art? I can't tell.

All I know is Thundra don't need a editor's note to stick up for her, guys.

--Andrew S.

Jan 5, 2015

80Pagecast 45: Looking Ahead As We Look Back

No real comicbook new this week because everyone was sipping the nog and making with the holly jolly. Some comics did come out so we talk about Axis #9, Fantastic Four #14, Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #36, Dick Tracy fighting Flattop Jr and X-Factor #18. We manage to avoid doing a special year in review topic by talking about what we are excited to read in the new year. Well and some talk about stuff we liked last year.

Dec 31, 2014

Going Through Boxes 1: Licensed Comics

Lately I've been organising my comic collection. Here's a photo to show you some of my setup.

So, why don't we take a look through one of my short boxes full of comic books and see what's inside. Then we can discuss some of the random bullshit I own.

Dec 23, 2014

Christmas Miracle #3: Phantom Christmas Special

Sometimes Christmas is just a time of year, and stuff comes out at that time. You sometimes get stories that are set at Christmas that really have nothing to do with Christmas. Sometimes you even get stuff that comes out at Christmas and so it gets seasonal branding even though it has nothing to do with the holiday.

So that brings us to Phantom #1713. (Yes, the issue number is not a typo. This comic is a weekly that's been going since the 1940s.)

Every year Frew Publications in Australia brings out a 100 page Christmas Special for the Phantom. Which has nothing to do with Christmas. It's usually just a couple of classic Lee Falk Phantom stories and a couple of new stories that have yet to be printed by Frew, all together in one large volume.

This year's Christmas special is no different! So let's check it out!

Dec 22, 2014

80Pagecast 44: A Very 80-Pagecast Christmas

The reason for the season with us is comicbooks and comical bookish news. We discuss Drift: Empire of Stone #1, Avengers NOW! Handbook, Flash Gordon Holiday Special, Spider-man and the X-men #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #22, and some old Annuals. Our main topic this fortnight are comics about Christmas, Chanukah, and other yuletide spirits.

Dec 19, 2014

Unstable Molecules: Better than pants?

Absorbing Man usually just wears an old pair of stripy prison pants. But there was a time when he was taking briefings from disco balls and wearing a proper super villain costume.

It was a yellow costume.

--Andrew Sorohan
(This is from Incredible Hulk #209 by Len Wein and Sal Buscema.)

Dec 18, 2014

Christmas Miracle #2 -- New Kids on the Block #4

One of the things I love about comics is that they're basically a snapshot of a moment in time. They had ads in them, letters pages, and of course stories, that are all immediately of their time. I don't think I've ever felt that as hard as I have with New Kids on the Block #4, our second piece of Christmas cheer for 2014.

So why are there New Kids on the Block comics? Because these guys were ridiculously popular. They were trendsetters who basically defined what the 1990s, or at least the early 1990s, was going to become. It's hard to understand now, because they're little more than a punchline to jokes about the era -- but people really BELIEVED in this stuff back in 1991. And I mean 'believed' as literally as possible.

But we'll get to that in due time.

A Christmas Miracle #1: Bizarre Adventures #34

You know what I love? Christmas. You know what else I love? Comics based on Christmas. So, to that end, how about we do a little series on Christmas themed comics?

 My comic database program got deleted, so I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until next year for me to pull out specific Christmas comics that I want to cover because I love them.

This year you just get to see the Christmas books I've been saving. These were all bought... nearly two years ago, and have been waiting on my shelves to be read -- waiting for a special occasion. And what more special occasion could there be than Christmas?!

None. None more special.

 So let's start this series with Bizarre Adventures #34!